Happy Holiday 05.07.14

Ich wünsche allen Besuchern ein schöner Sommer, schöne Ferien erholen Sie sich gut. Natürlich würde ich mich auf eine Kontaktaufnahme freuen hier geht es zum Kontaktformular mehr...


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How to organize a trip - a complete guide.

During the preparation of the trip we are worried about many doubts. In this article I will try to resolve all these doubts and refute many of the legends or myths that surround the organization of the trip. Also at the end of the post I will leave you a very interesting picture, with which you can organize your trip in the most economical way.

The first thing we need to determine is how logical the destination will be, the duration of the trip, and the date we can travel.

Destinations can be divided into exotic, such as Thailand, the sun and the beach, like Ibiza, cultural, like Rome, natural or adventure.

Since the duration of the trip depends on the destination, it is not the same as a visit to London for what needs only about 4 days, what a tour in Thailand that you will need at least 12 days.

Undoubtedly, the most important and expensive part in organizing a trip is a flight, in addition to what you h